The Monkees Cybrary Reading Room

The Collectibles Corner

Courtesy of Krause Publications (a leading publisher of collectible-related books and magazines, including Goldmine magazine), the Cybrary is pleased to present the Monkees Collectibles Corner! These columns are intended to give you information to help you enhance and preserve your Monkeebilia collection.

Autograph Hounds Reach to the Stars and Beyond
More strategies for autograph collectors.

Wage War Against the Enemies of Collectibles
More tips from the experts for preventing accidental damage and preserving your collectibles.

Consider a Flea Market For the Next Family Outing
Flea markets can be excellent sources for reasonably priced Monkees collectibles and recordings.

Are Still-Sealed Records Worth a Premium?
Discover the pros and cons of paying extra for an LP in shrink wrap.

Golden Anniversary Finds 45s Highly Collectible
Today nearly everything produced on the 45-rpm format is becoming more collectible by the day.

Collectibles Tips From A Pro
Use the secrets of collectibles "pickers" to increase the quality and decrease the cost of your acquisitions.

Toys for The First TV Generation
Television shows of the 50’s and 60’s were inspiration for a whole range of toys and collectibles.

8-Tracks, Ya Gotta Love ‘Em
Interesting information about that icon of the late 60s and early 70s — the 8-track tape.

Autograph Collecting How-To
A primer for budding autograph-hounds.

Collectibles Storage and Handling
How to care for your collectibles to preserve their condition and value.

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