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The JLS Lister Cookbook

Favorite recipes from members of the James Lee Stanley mailing list

Welcome, folks! This "cookbook" sprang out of a discussion on the James Lee Stanley mailing list in December 2003. We were sending around one of our periodic questionaires. Several questions referred to food preferences and our favorite holiday foods… which (of course) got us to thinking. (Always a dangerous thing where the JLS list is concerned!)

Some of the dishes people mentioned sounded soooo good, we decided to collect the recipes and publish them here for everyone to share.

By type:

Appetizer / hors d’oeuvres:

Bacon-Ranch Cheeseball, Bread Bowl with Cheese Spinach Dip, Sweet Potato Balls

Soups, salads & breads:

Four B Soup, Masa (Portguese Sweet Bread), Portugese Soup, Winter Warmer Soup

Main dish:

Beef Burgundy, Easy Sweet and Sour Chicken, Fireman’s Pasta, Portguese Chorise, Potato Dish, Smoked Turkey on the Grill, Spaghetti Pizza


3 Layer Chocolate Dessert, Cherry Squares, Chocolate Cheesecake, Chocolate Chip Toffee Bars, Chocolate Donut Fritters, Chocolate Kahlúa Dessert, Double Chocolate Cookies, Fantasy Fudge, Grammie J’s Graham Cracker Pie, Kool-Aid Cookies, Lucy’s Cheesecake Trifle, Low Fat Tropical Ambrosia, Rudolph Cookies


Instant Russian Tea

By submitter:

Pat Alder:

Chocolate Donut Fritters, Winter Warmer Soup

Jan Barnes:

Chocolate Cheesecake


Easy Sweet and Sour Chicken


Bread Bowl with Cheese Spinach Dip, Cherry Squares, Chocolate Kahlúa Dessert, Fireman’s Pasta, Masa (Portguese Sweet Bread), Portguese Chorise, Portugese Soup, Potato Dish


Beef Burgundy, Chocolate Chip Toffee Bars, Double Chocolate Cookies, Fantasy Fudge, Low Fat Tropical Ambrosia

Connie (aka ScuffyJ):

Four B Soup, Grammie J’s Graham Cracker Pie, Spaghetti Pizza

Alice Crawford:

Kool-Aid Cookies


Lucy’s Cheesecake Trifle


Bacon-Ranch Cheeseball, Rudolph Cookies

Eric Reichter:

Smoked Turkey on the Grill

Cynthia Summey:

Instant Russian Tea


3 Layer Chocolate Dessert, Sweet Potato Balls

Alphabetical by title:

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