The Monkees Cybrary Reading Room

The Children’s Section

This section of the Cybrary is stocked with stories and pictures intended for our younger visitors. Of course, their parents and other grownups are welcome to drop by and check out the selections — just be careful not to bump your knees when you sit down at our special “child-sized” desks and chairs!

Toddlers might enjoy having the story of Alvin The Alligator read to them. Somewhat older kids, or more advanced readers, can give it a shot on their own. This fable, written by our own Eva the Elder (a.k.a. She Who Is Older Than Dirt ), tells the tale of an insatiably curious baby alligator, and the troubles caused by his recklessness. As with all good fairy tales, it’s got a happy ending! It’s in eight conveniently-sized chapters — perfect for over a week of bedtime stories.

Other Suggested Reading

Young teens and expert readers might want to check out the story of Jeanette, or the fable of the Forbidden Twinkie. They may also enjoy the silly humor of our Mollusk Parodies.

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