The Monkees Cybrary Reading Room

The Card Catalog

Title Author Description
A Christmas Story Nick This moving short story was our first introduction to little Jeanette, who also makes a cameo appearance in Chapter 18a of the Nicktoon saga.
The Forbidden Twinkie Melissa A fable of the serious and unintended consequences that can follow from eating between meal snacks.
Gonna Get Me A Pass Carrie Inspired by the difficultes that we fans sometimes encounter trying to meet our Monkee-idols, this parody is based on the Monkees song Gonna Buy Me A Dog (and we all know what “dog” is, spelled backwards, right?)
Hey, Hey, We’re the Mollusks The Listers We can get a parody thread started at the drop of a, well, a thread, but there’s something pretty fishy about this one…
The Legend of Nez Melhi She probably should not post when she has a fever.
The Listoliers Tami This is what happens when the list “blows up” and we’ve all got a bit too much time on our hands waiting for the posts to start coming through again…
The Lurker Melhi As with any list, we get lurkers. Some of our lurkers [ahem] carry more weight than others, though.
The Papercut Saga The Listers The Monkees used to play a game of “killer,” as documented in Davy’s autobiography. We tried a variation on that theme, but it got pretty messy…
The Story of Mr. Schnieder Melhi, The up-until-now untold story of the real dummy of The Monkees, Mr. Schneider. 2ND edition. Includes recently discovered information about Mr. Schneider’s military career!

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