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Love this article by Amy Lawrence over at the Manufacturing Business Technology site.

I mean, how can you not like an article about how customer service can affect a company’s sales that starts off like this:

Over the summer, I finally fulfilled a lifelong dream — I met the Monkees.

Ms. Lawrence goes on to make some great points about how price, quality and customer service all play into making a sale, but for her, great customer service is key. But it’s the Monkees tie-in that really makes the article stand out, IMO.

She makes the point that one reason the Monkees have lasted so long in the business is because they know how to treat their fans. Of course, it’s impossible to please everybody, but our favorite guys have done better than many in that regard. And it shows in their fans’ loyalty.

That’s a lesson a lot of businesses need to learn.

H.T. to my friend Zan for bringing this article to my attention!

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